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U.S. military health care covers the high cost of in vitro fertilization, but the Veterans Affairs health system doesn't. The discrepancy is putting vets with combat injuries in a bind.

After reports last year showed that auditors had easily smuggled fake explosives through security checkpoints, TSA has stepped up training for new hires.

Marc Rotenberg of the Electronic Privacy Information Center says the implication, if Apple did unlock the San Bernardino gunman's phone, is that future phones would have to have a built-in backdoor.

Ahead of this weekend's Republican primary in South Carolina, a campaign ad by Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to use Donald Trump's support of eminent domain against the GOP front-runner.

From LA to New York, Chef Deuki Hong and writer Matt Rodbard spent two years eating in Korean-American communities. Their new cookbook captures both well-known and obscure flavors of this cuisine.

NPR's Steve Inskeep revisits three Iranians he met last year to find out if their lives have changed because of Iran's nuclear agreement with world powers. "We are actually in a new world," says one.

Indian security forces are cracking down on a major university, highlighting a new front in India's culture wars over things like free expression and religious dietary rules.

More than 5,000 pregnant women appear to have fallen sick with the virus. But there are no good tests for the birth defect possibly linked to this disease.

In Venezuela, bread, meat, milk and other staples are scarce these days. So Venezuela's government is urging urban slum dwellers to grow and raise their own food. But it's a challenge.

Leading banks in China are facilitating the sale of counterfeit handbags, clothes and other knock-off goods online, by hosting bank accounts for bogus manufacturers.




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