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Secret documents provided by Edward Snowden reveal a program shared by the National Security Agency and the UK's surveillance agency. Spencer Ackerman of The Guardian explains "Optic Nerve."

Refugees once fled to Syria. Now, record numbers are fleeing from it. And the exodus is straining the stability of neighbors who are struggling to support both their own citizens and the displaced.

The National Football League is considering a 15-yard penalty for players using the N-word on the field. The Barbershop guys weigh in on that and other news of week.

Violent protests have filled the streets in Venezuela for the past two weeks. Tell Me More gets the latest from freelance journalist Andrew Rosati in Caracas.

"My Brother's Keeper" is a new White House initiative designed to help young men of color succeed. Law professor Paul Butler and youth advocate Malik Washington discuss the president's new plan.

Russian officials say the men in unmarked uniforms are not from their forces. Ukrainian authorities say otherwise. The ousted president is in Russia and says he will "fight" for his nation's future.

Problems with online insurance marketplaces have hampered the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in many states. Connecticut, a success story, is trying to turn its expertise into a business.

The Android-based Blackphone set to hit the market this summer will help answer the question of whether consumers are willing to pay for privacy.

The Jones Act, passed in 1920, made it harder for New Jersey to get rock salt.

Secretary of State John Kerry says he's ready to work with Russia to calm tensions in Ukraine, which he insists is not being pulled in different directions: East vs. West.




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