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President Obama on Wednesday will announce his nominee for the Supreme Court seat left vacant by Antonin Scalia's death. Sri Srinivasan is among the top contenders; he's South Asian and Hindu.

Almost 700 children under age 12 were killed or injured in gun violence last year. An afterschool program works with young boys who live in some of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in D.C.

There's little doubt the president's choice nominee will face a tough fight in the appointment process, as Republicans have said they won't even consider his pick.

President Obama will announce his choice of a successor to late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at 11 a.m. ET.

Who's in the running to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court? An announcement could come this week.

A former prosecutor, federal judge Merrick Garland will visit Capitol Hill Thursday to begin meeting with legislators, Obama said.

Clinton beat Sanders in three states. Trump sweeped Florida. Karen Beckwith of Case Western Reserve University of Ohio and Susan MacManus of the University of South Florida weigh in on the races.

The Washington, D.C. metro rail system will be out of service for 29 hours due to potential faults in the electrical system. The subway is key for commuters, many of whom staff the federal government.

Conservative Texas Congressman Pete Sessions introduced a bill before Congress on Tuesday that would recognize magic as an "art form with unique power to impact the lives of all people."

NPR's Renee Montagne leaving her West Coast post to host in D.C. this week. That means she's hopping from the worst commute in the country to the second worst.




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