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Why would someone pose for a picture with a supposed suicide bomber? In this commentary, NPR's Scott Simon wonders about seeking the price of fame during a dangerous situation.

Don Cheadle personifies jazz genius Miles Davis in his new film Miles Ahead. Badass black men rarely show up as leads in mainstream movies.

There has been a lively debate in political and media circles about the extent to which Donald Trump's rise has been fueled by news media.

Jack Reynolds turns 104 on April 6th. To mark the occasion, and to raise money for charity, he's getting his very first tattoo. NPR's Scott Simon asks him about his late-in-life first.

Scott Simon talks with Councilmember Dan Garodnick about his support of a bill that would limit the movement of people in costumes in New York City's Times Square.

The college basketball season is winding down just as the Major League Baseball begins.

A new study points out that people who are sensitive to typos and grammatical errors aren't that well liked.

Soon after the terrorist attacks in Belgium, people created a makeshift shrine to the victims in a Brussels square. The city's archivists are documenting all the messages.

Pollster Celinda Lake says of Donald Trump: "He has been his own worst enemy with women. He's like your worst date ever--it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse as the evening goes on."

The fourth and final nuclear security summit is underway in Washington this week. But Vladimir Putin isn't there. And North Korea has thumbed its nose at the gathering by firing a cruise missile.




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