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The year 2016 ends in China amid an unprecedented crackdown on human rights attorneys. But the Communist Party's intimidation tactics sometimes have the opposite effect.

Was this the year of the activist athlete? NPR's Scott Simon looks back on the year in sports with Howard Bryant of

The Jewish community in Whitefish, Mont., has become the target of online harassment by neo-Nazis. During this Hanukkah, the people of Whitefish are fighting anti-Semitism with menorah displays.

As Syrian forces advanced on rebel-held areas, many rebels and others fled to Syria's northern countryside. But that area could be next on the government's strategic map.

Donations appear to be up substantially in 2016, partly due to the improving economy. But also some donors expect tax rates, and therefore the value of charitable deductions, to go down under Trump.

Former workers at Wells Fargo who resisted pressure to push banking products on customers who didn't want them say the bank retaliated against them by docking their permanent record, sabotaging future job prospects.

The White House announced Thursday that it would close down the two mansions, in Maryland and in New York. Steve Hall, a retired CIA Russian operations officer, says use of the estates — also referred to as dachas, or "country homes" — dates back to the Cold War.

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to cybersecurity expert Robert Knake on what tools the U.S. has to retaliate against Russia in cyberspace.

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Russia expert Kimberly Marten of Barnard College about U.S. actions against Russia for allegedly interfering in the 2016 election.

When educators are buried under problems beyond their control, here's a solution: Get mindful.




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