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Open enrollment for Obamacare opens Sunday. Millions of people still lack health insurance, including some who signed up last year but later dropped their health coverage, calling it "unaffordable."

A Michigan artist is creating improvised sculptures out of merchandise inside big box stores. He wants to jolt people out of their everyday surroundings. But store workers have to clean up after him.

At Baltimore's Renaissance Academy High School, mentors help students cope with the trauma in their daily lives. The principal says the aim is not just to keep boys in school, but to keep them alive.

In the last decade, the Gulf of Maine warmed faster than 99.9 percent of the global ocean. The rapid warming explains why recent fishing policies failed to rebuild the cod population, a study finds.

Jeb Bush's debate performance raised more questions than answers about his candidacy. Bush still has some advantages, notably money, but he needs to start showing some strength in New Hampshire.

Transit decisions are made by political bodies, and the results are often that the communities with the most political and economic power drive the bus, so to speak. Big data may change that.

A new movie chronicles the team of journalists who uncovered the clergy sex abuse scandal in Boston. Director Tom McCarthy and former Globe editor Walter Robinson join Fresh Air to discuss Spotlight.

Here's something to keep in mind when using the "OK Google" voice command feature on Android phones: Google keeps an audio archive of your requests.

During the National Gallery's first Vermeer exhibit 20 years ago, the federal government shut down twice, and a major blizzard hit the East Coast. But The Woman in Blue Reading a Letter is undeterred.

In honor of Halloween, NPR gets a guided tour of parasites that reside in London's Natural History Museum.




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