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Some 13,000 Afghans and Iraqis who worked with the U.S. are awaiting visas they were promised. NPR's Quil Lawrence looks at a case involving an Afghan interpreter who was in the thick of the fighting.

On a beautiful sunny day, in front of a massive crowd, President Obama greeted Pope Francis at the White House. For more details, Renee Montagne speaks with NPR's Scott Horsley at the White House.

NPR's Don Gonyea discusses the relationship between popes and presidents with Renee Montagne. They also have the latest news on Pope Francis' remarks at the White House on Wednesday.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has pardoned some 100 political prisoners, including two journalists at Al-Jazeera's English-language network. For more, Renee Montagne talks with Leila Fadel.

Renee Montagne talks with NPR's Jennifer Ludden, who is out among the crowds in Washington, D.C., ahead of Pope Francis' visit to the White House.

Rahm Emanuel, who was re-elected this year after a tough campaign, says the tax hike is the best way to address deep financial problems caused in part by Chicago's vastly underfunded pensions.

The decision to keep the bird off the Endangered Species List is celebrated by those out West who worried it would cost them billions of dollars. But challenges to the decision are already emerging.

President Vladimir Putin says his forces are in Syria to help the country's embattled president to fight terrorists. The U.S. argues that the Syrian president is part of the problem.

Brash, biting Cookie Lyon is arguably the most compelling character on Fox's hit show Empire. The show's co-producer and writer Attica Locke says that's because we've all got a bit of Cookie in us.

Many towns in eastern Germany suffered sharp population declines after reunification as the young and educated left. One mayor hopes to rebuild his community with the help of Middle Eastern migrants.




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