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August was the deadliest month in Chicago in 20 years. Father Mike Pfleger, ESPN's Lonnae O'Neal, Andre Hamlin, Carl Bell, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson talk about the reasons for the violence.

There's a national trend in education to clearly document and measure what's taught, keeping teachers accountable. In some cases, it's overwhelming and driving good veteran teachers away.

Early voting starts at the end of September. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Professor Paul Gronke of Reed College about the effect early voting could have on election results.

Chicago violence is at its highest in 20 years. NPR's Scott Simon speaks to activist Aleta Clark about what she and other Chicagoans are doing about it.

School nurses play a critical role in identifying students with mental health disorders, but there aren't enough of them and they often don't have enough training.

NPR's Scott Simon talks with neurophysiologist Jason Sherwin about his research into how a baseball batter processes an incoming fastball.

In an election cycle filled with sharp disagreement, one man has landed on a platform everyone can seem to get behind: taco trucks on every corner.

Gun shop owners and public health workers in Colorado are finding common ground amid rancor over guns and politics. They are collaborating to reduce suicides involving firearms.

"It's bluer in color up there than other parts of the planet, and there are a lot of storms," a Juno mission leader says of the gas giant's northern reaches.

The basketball legend weighs in on the 49ers quarterback, who has decided not to stand when the national anthem is played before games.




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