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Renee Montagne talks with Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., one of two Muslim members of Congress, about recent comments by Republican presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump about Muslims.

Kamal says he was a chef and caterer in Damascus before the Arab Spring. He talks with David Greene about his harrowing experience fleeing with his family, and their hopes for a new life in Houston.

The pope spent his first full day in Cuba giving a mass to crowds gathered in Havana's Revolution Plaza, meeting the former president and speaking with Cuba's youth.

There are dozens of ways to slice and dice all the data in the Obama Administration's new college scorecard. Here are three.

Moringa is being touted as the newest superfood. But people in Asia and Africa have been eating it for years. And now there's renewed interest in the tree's ability to feed poor communities.

It's the only nonsurgical permanent birth control option approved by the FDA. But thousands of women have complained of serious side effects including severe pain, heavy bleeding and depression.

A Connecticut teen who has enough credits to graduate from high school is still eligible for specialized services. The school district and his family are battling over what the services should be.

Pope Francis spent his first day in Cuba celebrating mass at Havana's Revolution Plaza, visiting President Raul Castro and greeting Cuba's youth.

Jackie Collins was author of best-selling pulpy fiction. Last year, NPR's Scott Simon spoke with Collins about her books, her career and the years she spent acting before she became writer.

Syrian refugee Mohammed Eh'tai has lived in Germany for three and a half months. The government provides him with money as he learns German so he can find a job and build his own future.




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