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For years the fair, which begins Thursday, has provided a platform for presidential candidates vying in the all-important Iowa caucuses. But they haven't always held on to their pork chops.

Prices have fallen by a third in the past three years. Farmers say they're holding onto their 2015 bushels, hoping prices will creep back up before the end of the year.

Christopher Clark, an engineer turned whale biologist, wired the world's oceans with hydrophones. Whales sing as they migrate, he learned. And the ship sounds clouding the ocean can deeply interfere.

Most studies of music's ability to ease pain have been small. But an analysis pooling the best research builds a strong case, doctors say, that a dose of music reduces the need for painkilling pills.

It was once a tiny niche market, but it's now an exploding industry as schools look to comply with new rules that require them to offer programs to raise awareness and lower risk.

Starting kindergarten can be scary. So imagine if your parents sent you to a school where they teach most of the day in another language, like Mandarin Chinese.

In Brazil, people have tended to describe themselves by skin color rather than race. But that's all changing, as the country's black pride movement gains traction.

Nicholas Reeves studied laser scans of King Tutankhamen's tomb. He saw what he thinks are clues about other chambers hidden behind gilded frescoes that decorate the tomb.

Some 30,000 African elephants die each year as a result of poaching. Journalist Bryan Christy wanted to see where their tusks were going, so he ordered fake tusks and fitted them with trackers.

Melissa Gilbert is running for a congressional seat in Michigan. She's the latest in a long line of celebrities with political aspirations.




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