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Services like Netflix take up a lot of bandwidth, and their increasing popularity is fueling a dispute between these companies and the Internet service providers that carry them.

As another day of clashes unfold in Kiev, Americans with Ukrainian ancestry are looking on in concern. The large Ukrainian-American community in Philadelphia is holding rallies to support protesters.

Former Jamaican Beauty Queen and Bloomberg journalist, Zahra Burton set up her own news show. Burton tells host Michel Martin about 18 Degrees North which brings news of the Caribbean to the world.

A court released 27,000 emails from a former aide to Scott Walker who was convicted of using her job to do illegal campaign work. The emails surface amid the GOP rising star's re-election campaign.

There were more than 20 additional deaths Thursday. Anti-government protesters blame the police. President Viktor Yanukovych blames the opposition. Diplomats continue to push for a cease-fire.

A U.S. law aimed at tax cheats hiding money abroad has had unintended consequences and has complicated life for many Americans living overseas.

Most of the nation's chicken meat is grown by contract farmers who get ranked against each other when it's time to get paid. Critics say someone always ends up losing — and, too often, deep in debt.

The competition is fierce: the defending South Korean champion, a 15-year-old Russian phenom who has thrilled the figure skating world, and three Americans heading into Thursday in the top 10.

Only one third of teenage girls have gotten the recommended three shots of HPV vaccine to protect against cervical cancer. Doctors are trying to figure out what will get them in the door.

Talks in Vienna about Iran's nuclear program kick off what could be a year of negotiations. Negotiators are seeking a deal to follow the temporary agreement now limiting Iran's nuclear program.




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