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Political blogger Dru Ealons, columnist Gayle Trotter, and author Josh Levs discuss controversy over transgender rights, working as a single mother, and wearing what you want at work.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory each had strong opinions on the federal government's new guidelines about transgender students and school bathrooms.

On Friday, five leaders of Nordic countries met with President Obama to talk about immigration, terrorism and climate. Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom discusses the take-aways.

One Afghan family fled to Germany through the Mediterranean to save one child from the clutches of an Afghan strongman. But it cost the life of another one of their children, or so they thought.

Antique dealer Alvin Barr was surprised when a piece of pottery he owned was appraised at as much as $50,000 on Antiques Roadshow. So too was the pot's creator, Betsy Soule.

As Brazil's political crisis unfolds, many Brazilians say they can't trust the "sensationalist" media, and researchers found many news articles are fake. Enter a new website, To The Facts.

In fashion, most first ladies have worshiped at the altar of "The Suit." Michelle Obama transformed American fashion by favoring dresses, moderately-priced brands, and simple basics like the cardigan.

This week nine Sherpas became the first to climb Mt. Everest since a deadly avalanche in 2014 and an earthquake last year. The guides hope more climbers return to the slopes.

Members of a Native American community in south Louisiana are retreating from their coastal home and trying to preserve their culture in the process.

NPR's Scott Simon talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about doping among Olympic athletes. They also remember a young athlete who died this week.




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