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The federal government announced it will create a system requiring civilian operators of drone aircraft to register with the Transportation Department. The details are yet to be worked out.

A German anti-immigrant group marked its first anniversary with a rally in the eastern German city of Dresden. The demonstrators were met by counter-demonstrators who attempted to block their path.

Heavy rains in the Balkans add to the misery of migrants streaming through the region. Large numbers are held up at Croatia's border with Slovenia, where there is hardly any shelter for them.

In light of recent stabbing attacks by Arabs on Israelis, some supermarkets have removed knives from their shelves. Many Israelis, though, insist the best protection is more guns.

The main parts of two of the nation's strictest gun control laws in New York and Connecticut were upheld by a federal appeals court. Gun rights advocates want to take the cases to the Supreme Court.

Its branch in Yemen is taking advantage of the unrest there to get new recruits and grab land. Leaders have called jihadists back into service and is preparing for when ISIS is no longer ascendant.

Canada's Liberal Party won a majority of seats in the House of Commons. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was hoping for a fourth term. Instead, he resigned as chairman of the Conservative Party.

David Cameron lauds the Chinese president's visit as the start of a golden era for Chinese-U.K. relations. U.S. critics say the U.K. is in danger of sacrificing long-term security for short-term cash.

Fatmeh is one of hundreds of thousands of children who have fled Syria with their families. In Lebanon, she works in the fields up to 14 hours a day, clinging to her dream of going to college.

Brain scans found abnormally weak connections in the brains of premature infants may make them more prone to develop autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other emotional disorders.




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