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States screen newborns for rare genetic disorders, but increasingly those disorders don't have simple cures, if they have any cure at all. Sometimes the diagnosis isn't clear cut, either. That leaves some parents not knowing the fate of their child.

The creation of America's central bank includes a bunch of bankers locked in a private library and a secret trip to a place called Jekyll Island.

TV ads and websites are all well and good, but Colorado is finding that face-to-face help from a live person is often the best way to reach the uninsured and sign them up for a health plan. Still, it isn't easy, and takes time and money.

Monday is the last game at Candlestick Park for the San Francisco 49ers. The NFL team is moving, and the park, famous for its windy and foggy weather, is being demolished after this football season. It leaves behind more than 50 years of memories.

Unless the erratic bursts of energy generated on a windy or sunny day can be stored and later measured out in an even way, these renewable sources of power can't be counted on to stabilize the electrical grid. Several battery-making startups hope to help — and reduce electric bills.

Target is trying to get back in good graces with its customers after a massive data breach affecting some 40 million credit and debit account holders. The giant retail chain offered its customers a 10 percent discount over the weekend as an act of atonement, but business was said to be down anyway.

This week on the podcast, we meet a tour guide leading camels through the wilderness, and a pinball manufacturer who wants to shake up his industry. Plus, DJ Bettos Arcos plays some Christmas music from south of the border.

For more than a decade, Stern Pinball was the only company manufacturing pinball machines. A New Jersey startup company is trying to shake up that monopoly. But with decreased demand for the games, it's unclear whether the pinball industry is big enough for two.

Last week's budget deal includes a reduction of military pensions for those under age 62. The provision has some Republican senators howling, saying that the cuts hit veterans too hard.

Muslim-Christian violence in the Central African Republic continued as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power traveled there on Thursday. She's urging the international community and local leaders to bring those responsible for atrocities to a peaceful means of justice.




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