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In North Jersey, it's called Taylor Ham and in South Jersey, it's pork roll. The governor and legislature are taking sides. Even President Obama brought it up during a visit to the Garden State.

The journalists' union has battled the government for decades. But journalists say the current period is the worst they can recall, with three top members of the union facing trial on Saturday.

Afghan commandos, supported by U.S. special operations forces, launched a raid into a village contested by the Taliban. The raid permitted an aid convoy to make progress after nearly a month.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Thursday is announcing proposed regulations which aim to stop some predatory lending practices.

Many African men hope for a brighter future across the Mediterranean — and risk their lives to make the crossing. Senegal is trying to make sure they don't go.

When Giselle decided to apply to medical school, people told her to hide the fact that she has struggled with anxiety, depression and a suicide attempt. She thinks it will help her be a better doctor.

Usually in nature, the females choose the males they mate with. But researchers say a type of male orb-weaving spider selects the female — which will cannibalize him afterward.

Challenged about his fundraising for veterans, Donald Trump detailed $5.6 million he says he has delivered. But the larger message was his ongoing assault on the media, which resonates with his base.

The Brazos River has already reached record levels and forced hundreds of people west of Houston to evacuate. Weather experts predict 4 to 5 more inches of rain around Houston through the weekend.

Deaths from opioid overdoses are on the rise, and we know that because of data on death certificates. States determine who fills them out and what information they record. And that can vary widely.




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