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Revelations continue to emerge about the behavior of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes, as Rupert Murdoch has stepped in to stabilize the channel in the wake of Ailes' departure. What's next?

The Internet pioneer Yahoo just had its core business auctioned off to Verizon. Mayer was hired four years ago to turn around the company. We look back at the critical early months of her tenure.

The government says new laws could be passed within weeks. Will they work? The celebrity murdered by her brother last month was from a traditional farming community where there's deep skepticism.

Now crowned as their parties' official nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hit the campaign trail. One of the first stops for both candidates: the battleground state of Ohio.

Ornate refreshment kiosks were once the heart of Lisbon's parks and plazas. They faded away under a dictatorship that discouraged public gatherings. Now they're back to help revitalize the city.

The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union sent markets plunging around the world. Five weeks later, they've rebounded much faster than many people expected.

Children have increasingly become victims of gun violence plaguing their Chicago neighborhoods. What do parents tell their children? Local police and parents rallied together in a call for action.

We take proactive measures to stop the spread of the flu — so, NPR's Michel Martin asks, why can't we combat gun violence the same way?

A federal appeals court struck down North Carolina's voter ID law. Law professor Rick Hasen explains why and what impact it will have.

While in Philadelphia for the DNC, Michel Martin visited a South Philly institution to taste a Philly classic: water ice (also called Italian ice). John's Water Ice has been open since 1945.




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