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The electric car company Tesla is now becoming the self-driving car maker. Today it releases software to tens of thousands of Model S owners, to automate steering, lane change and parallel parking.

The next fight about the Affordable Care Act unites business leaders, politicians and many unions against leading economists. Will the 2018 tax reduce health costs or just shift the costs to patients?

They're defying the rules that girls shouldn't get a higher education. But there are obstacles ahead, from pressure to marry young to the lack of slots in the country's universities.

China's economic growth is slowing and misallocation of resources is making things worse. In one city in recession, the new airport is mostly empty and plans for a giant liquor factory have stalled.

Once home to some of the country's strictest anti-illegal-immigration laws, Hazleton is now 40 percent Latino. The city is younger and bigger than it's been in decades, and the economy is thriving.

Meyer says "something fascinating and completely unfair" plagues the restaurant industry: Waiters' incomes have risen far faster than other staff. To balance salaries out, he'll charge more for food.

Stretching a meal over several days was once a necessity. And in the 1940s, leftovers were a culinary art. Historian Helen Zoe Veit dishes on America's complicated relationship with leftovers.

More than 23,000 Americans end up in emergency rooms each year after taking dietary supplements, an analysis shows. Most cases are linked to weight-loss products or energy-boosting supplements.

It's "clean diesel" engine was key to its growth strategy. But top managers' quest to make Volkswagen the world's leading carmaker very likely sowed the seeds of the company's downfall, analysts say.

During their first debate of the 2016 race, the party's presidential hopefuls showed there's daylight between them on the issues of gun control and financial regulation.




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