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The people in charge of the Oscars have announced reforms to increase diversity in their organization and in the awards. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to Neda Ulaby.

This week was a big one for weather forecasters. We talked to two experts about their predictions on Thursday, and we follow up in the middle of the storm on Saturday, to see how well they did.

The Greek coast guard says at least 21 people, including nine children, died Friday after migrant boats sank in the Aegean Sea.

There are only two games left in the NFL playoffs. Tom Brady will be facing off against Payton Manning tomorrow. But is that even a fair match anymore? NPR's Tom Goldman tells Rachel Martin what he thinks.

A massive blizzard is hitting the East Coast hard. We've sent our intrepid reporter Jennifer Ludden out into the elements. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to Jennifer, if we can find her.

Many struggle with tremors and balance much of the time, but when the music starts, these people dance. It gives them joy — body and soul. Scientists say dance might have lasting brain benefits, too.

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Harvey Hollins, the coordinator of Michigan's clean-up efforts, about how the state is going to address the myriad problems.

When a San Francisco-based choreographer decided to take turf dancers off of the streets and trains of Oakland and put them on stage with ballet dancers, chaos ensued. Until she let them all improv together.

Experts say picture books that whitewash the history of slavery are just a symptom of an adult society. How can we explain it to kids, they argue, if we can't talk about it ourselves?

Concern continues to grow over the outbreak of Zika virus in Latin America. The virus has been linked to severe brain damage in babies.




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