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Eli and Edythe Broad have been buying works for more than 40 years. They wanted a permanent home for their art — so they've established a museum where anyone can see it for free.

The 71-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist has a new solo album, a new documentary on his life, and a few thoughts to share on the topic of immortality.

The ambush killing of a sheriff's deputy in Texas has intensified concern in some circles that criticism of police has led to an increase in officer deaths. But the data don't back up that fear.

Migrants in Turkey are increasingly worried about their prospects of settling in Europe. Many vow to keep going, despite the uncertainty and risk.

Kids' fast-food habits haven't budged in the past 15 years, a study by the CDC finds. The marketing, cost and taste of fast food still seem to have a hold on America's youth.

Republican presidential candidates debated a number of issues last night in California. Some of their claims didn't quite hold up under scrutiny.

When men and women who have been in heterosexual marriages come out of the closet, it can be traumatic for the spouse. The partners left behind often find themselves wondering where to turn for help.

Oklahoma set a state record last year with more than 5,000 earthquakes. This year, the state is poised to have even more. Now oil and gas regulators have taken notice and are working to curb them.

Caryl Johnson calls herself a priest but technically she was excommunicated after being ordained. Johnson is one of many many Catholic women who see a gap between what they believe and church dogma.

The American Red Cross allegedly did not fully cooperate with a government investigation of its performance and finances. Now investigators and a congressman want the charity's books open for audits.




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