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It fits in your hand, can connect to Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth. The $9 CHIP promises to be a teaching tool that's also fun to play with. It's just one of several low-cost computers hitting the market.

Founder Dani Rylan launched the league in October with teams in Boston, Buffalo, Connecticut and New York City. For girls who want to play pro, she says, the NWHL can turn dreams into reality.

Companies that opt out of state workers' comp laws say the Employee Retirement Income Security Act will ensure injured workers get justice. But an NPR investigation found that may not be true.

They increasingly are relying on ride-hailing services, more than car rentals or taxis, according to new data. Analysts say the car rental firms need to catch up, with more convenient features.

Just a week ago, the court reached a very different conclusion, also by an 8-1 vote, ruling Florida's death penalty system is unconstitutional.

Cheap oil doesn't just mean cheaper gas prices; it also means cheaper jet fuel. That's led to a big drop in airfares. It's good news for travelers — and for airlines, which have struggled for years.

The former secretary of state says a new report that some emails on her private server exceeded the "Top Secret" classification is "an effort to inject" controversy into her campaign.

Kevin Bales' book, Blood and Earth, explains why slavery in the world's lawless zones is essential to operate mines that pose a grave threat to the environment.

The government is trying to wipe out Zika virus, which has been linked to a severe birth defect. But is it doing enough to help families whose children have been affected?

The onetime Iowa caucus winner now sits dead last in the state's polls. But Santorum says he's still hoping for another last-minute surge.




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