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David Padilla, a 48-year-old father of three, was sentenced to life in prison in 1997. After serving 19 years, President Obama commuted his sentence. NPR's Scott Simon shares Padilla's story.

Floods aren't over in the Midwest but some of the hardest hit small towns around St. Louis have begun cleaning up. North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports from the Bourbeuse River.

The Army is asking for volunteers to eat Meals Ready to Eat — and nothing but — for six weeks for a study on gut health. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on MREs and the jokes soldiers crack about them.

Anton Gunn rose in the ranks from local activist to working in the Obama White House. He's now in South Carolina, disengaged from national politics and watching the 2016 candidates from the sidelines.

Washington state let about 3,200 felons out early over 12 years because of a software glitch. Now it's tracking them down, and finding some have re-offended while they should've been behind bars.

Europe has extracted natural gas from organic waste for about a decade, and now it's spreading to the U.S. In Colorado, efforts are under way to produce natural gas from human waste and food scraps.

Starting Jan. 1, midsize companies must offer health insurance to their workers or risk a penalty. A firm that has already faced that problem is helping low-paid employees enroll in Medicaid, instead.

California's historic drought provided a glimpse of what skiing might be like with climate change. Industry executives are counting on their customers being flexible in the years ahead.

When Muslim women in headscarves appear on TV, it's often in the context of hate crimes, terrorism or politics. But in 2015, TV showed hijab-wearing women joking, coding and cooking up a storm.

Ethiopia is grappling with an epic drought that could lead to famine. Here's why the world isn't stepping up.




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