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In communities grappling with high unemployment, grocery stores serve many customers who rely on the SNAP assistance program to get by. Some stores are estimating that their sales might fall between 5 and 10 percent now that the government had reduced the benefits.

Typhoon Haiyan, like many disasters that preceded it, created a critical shortage of gasoline. This hampered ordinary Filipinos trying to rebuild their lives, as well as aid organizations trying to help them. One U.S. group has made it its mission to provide free gas.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele each have a white mother and black father, and a lot of the jokes on their Comedy Central show are about race. Peele tells Fresh Air that their backgrounds allow them to do characters others would feel uncomfortable doing.

"Selfie" is the new word of the year, chosen by Oxford Dictionaries. Tell Me More and NPR's Social Media Project Manager Kate Myers talk about why people love sharing "selfies."

President John F. Kennedy's relationship with civil rights was far from simple. Host Michel Martin speaks with one of the last living leaders of the civil rights movement, Georgia Representative John Lewis, about his own relationship with President Kennedy. Stanford historian Clayborne Carson also joins the conversation.

Public disapproval of the Affordable Care Act has pushed President Obama to his lowest ratings yet, according to a new poll. But does it matter? And how will the Cheney sisters' disagreement over gay marriage play out in the polls? Host Michel Martin asks journalists Callie Crossley and Keli Goff.

NPR messed up Wednesday, saying that Ernie Banks had played for the Chicago White Sox. Boy, did we hear from listeners about that. Banks was known for saying, "Let's play two," but he only ever played for one major league team.

Tacloban was leveled by Typhoon Haiyan. "We have citizens, but no city," an official said. Twelve days later, people in the city of more than 200,000 are getting more help. But of the 13 million or so people affected by the storm, less than half may have received aid so far.

Google and five other tech companies sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee supporting legislation to reform NSA surveillance programs.

A few determined people are doing their best to keep letters arriving in U.S. mailboxes. One Michigan woman writes up to 60 letters a week — some of them to the students she's met in 50 years of teaching. Some young people are getting into the act, too — including a group at Central Michigan University.




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