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Boston rolled over St. Louis in the first game of the series, winning 8-1. The Cardinals' performance is being summed up with words such as inept, hapless and self-destruction. Game 2 is Thursday night in Boston.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of StoryCorps, we revisit Laura Greenberg, who told her daughter Rebecca about her gregarious parents — and her awkward first kiss with Rebecca's father, Carl. Now, it's his turn to share his side of the family story.

In the past, many psychotherapists ran their own little businesses. But changes in health care coverage mean that many must start accepting insurance and doing paperwork. That's leading some therapists to form group practices or join large medical groups — and may lead to better care for patients.

In the battle against the bulge, lawmakers in Mexico are taking aim at consumers' pocketbooks. They're proposing a series of new taxes on high-calorie food and sodas. Health advocates say the higher prices will get Mexicans to change bad habits, but the beverage industry and small businesses are fighting back.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the force behind a proposed state law that would require mandatory prison time for a firearm offense. The arguments over mandatory minimum prison terms center on whether mandatory sentences actually deter people from committing crimes or take away judicial discretion and further overcrowd prisons.

It may come as a surprise to riders on Metro's Orange Line in Arlington, Va., just outside Washington, D.C., but the area sets the bar for suburban transit. A decision in the 1960s to run the subway under this area transformed it from downtrodden to vibrant. But for a community so dependent on the subway, is this as good as it gets?

Who knew that classical musicians could talk trash? Check out how the orchestras from the two cities in this year's World Series have had some fun getting into each other's faces.

Football players at Grambling State University in Louisiana refused to play this past weekend, complaining about unsanitary facilities and unsafe equipment. Host Michel Martin talks more about the issue with The Root's Corey Dade, who used to play football at Grambling, and The Nation's Dave Zirin.

Musician and social activist Harry Belafonte is suing the family of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., over documents he claims were given to him by the civil rights leader. Host Michel Martin talks to Pulitzer Prize-winning MLK biographer David Garrow about the case.

President Obama recently announced that he would be turning his attention to immigration reform. But what's a realistic expectation, and what are immigrant communities really hoping for? Host Michel Martin talks with Fernando Espuelas of Univision, and Eduardo De Souza, a soccer coach at Longwood University.




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