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Samantha Power said the resolution imposes a "pretty distinct form of accountability," in that it strips Syria of its chemical weapons. In the case of non-compliance, she said, the U.S. would have the "the force of global opinion on our side."

Lawrence Lessig was not pleased when Liberation Music persuaded YouTube to take down one of his online lectures because of an alleged copyright violation. So Lessig, one of the most famous copyright attorneys in the world, decided to take a stand against broad, intimidating takedown notices.

As work begins on the infrastructure, stadiums, hotels and other things being built in Qatar for soccer's 2022 World Cup, a disturbing number of immigrant workers are dying. There are reports of food, water and pay being withheld. Officials vow to change things.

From the government shutdown to Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel's showdown, the Barbershop guys weigh in on the week's hot topics.

Washington could be headed for another government shutdown. Guest host Celeste Headlee asks NPR's senior political editor Ron Elving whether there are any lessons to be learned from previous shutdowns.

Over the course of its existence, BlackBerry sold smartphones to more than 200 million people. It became ubiquitous in places like Indonesia but it began with an invasion of Wall Street and Washington.

A study by an international panel of scientists shows that the researchers are confident about the links between human activity, global warming and climate change.

People tend to throw whole pieces of paper in the recycling bin — and fragments of paper in the trash. Research on the trend finds that we may be acting on unconscious prejudice about what is worth recycling.

Leading Texas politicians have resisted the federal health care law. But in Houston, community groups and public health agencies are trying to educate the city's 800,000 uninsured residents about new coverage options.

Josh Lampert's parents helped him through a rough period and, in his opinion, saved Josh's life. "You do that for your kids," says his father, Chuck.




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