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As the Catholic Church deals with new sex-abuse revelations, the pope opened a three-week gathering of bishops in Rome Saturday on how to make the Church relevant for young people.

Though new data privacy laws in Europe and California have put the tech industry on the defensive, it's moving to craft federal legislation that would pre-empt state laws.

The new deal to replace NAFTA includes modernizations and improvements. But the biggest benefit, for many sectors, is simply that there is a deal — reducing the uncertainty of previous months.

President Trump has asked his evangelical supporters to help stop Democrats from taking control of Congress, but religious progressives are also getting people to the polls.

Alzheimer's prevention specialist Jessica Langbaum says that like most working people she gets plenty of mental exercise without playing crossword puzzles or brain games. She says work is the key.

People struggling with insomnia often turn to apps to help them fall asleep. But scientists say only some apps use proven methods that can help address the underlying causes of sleeplessness.

Each year Chinese youth teams send members to a Brazilian academy for 10 months of soccer coupled with regular school lessons, including classes in Portuguese.

"The Chinese figured out that technology is the key to wealth and power, and the source of technology is still the West for China," says one China and tech watcher.

Hotels and casinos are turning more and more to technology, and according to one estimate, the city could lose up to two-thirds of its jobs to automation by 2035.

Twelve months after the reporting that brought down Harvey Weinstein, the movement to address sexual harassment has permeated the national political and cultural conversation.




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