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Results are coming in from a key special congressional election in Ohio that could be a sign for what's to come in November. Four states are also awaiting primary results.

The gap between black and white homeownership rates has widened in recent decades. Baltimore is a majority black city, but research shows it has a gap of 31 percent, mirroring the national average.

New York Times correspondent David Kirkpatrick says the Obama White House watched Arab democracy fall, and now the Trump administration is embracing Egypt's autocratic president.

Twelve people died in one of the bloodiest weekends in recent history. The city's mayor and police superintendent say residents of the affected areas should do more.

A woman known as "kristall.night," accused of helping organize white nationalist violence in Charlottesville, Va., last summer, has lost a bid to keep her true identity secret from the courts.

When harvests are bad, Native Americans in the region may go without rice for the year. And there have been a lot of bad years lately, as climate change causes more frequent and severe rainstorms.

Researchers found that a simple letter to doctors, focusing on their high prescribing rates, reduced their tendency to give risky antipsychotic drugs to their patients, including some with dementia.

Fires in Washington state, Oregon and Northern California have firefighters overtaxed and needing a break — relief is coming from New Zealand and Australia.

The president is limited in who he can fire in the federal government, but if Brett Kavanaugh becomes Supreme Court justice, Trump will have someone who believes in broad power of the executive.

Russell Gackenbach was a 22-year-old second lieutenant on Aug. 6, 1945, when he flew in the Necessary Evil, one of three planes in the mission that dropped the first nuclear weapon used in warfare.




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