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Expanding Medicaid has helped many people caught up in the opioid epidemic get treatment. But doctors say the proposed Republican changes to the Affordable Care Act could jeopardize these programs.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Richard Stengel, a former state department official and former editor-in-chief of TIME magazine, about this intersection of diplomacy and journalism.

NPR's Michel Martin visits Scranton, Pa., for the last installment in the "Going There" live event series. This time, the guests talk about Civics 101.

A conservative lobbying group called Act for America has organized what it calls a nationwide "March Against Sharia" in some 19 states. One of the marches raised tensions in Syracuse, N.Y.

Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party are trying to reassure a steady start into Brexit negotiations after failing to win a majority in parliament in elections on Thursday.

One of the biggest questions from former FBI Director James Comey's testimony was whether President Trump asked him to drop the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The "off-bottom" production method, in which oysters are grown in hanging baskets tumbled by waves, is starting to flourish on the Gulf coast — and demand for these boutique bivalves is growing.

The 1967 war changed lives forever. After Israel's victory, an American student saw a biblical promise fulfilled. He moved his family to the West Bank — but their pioneering life came at a price.

After the war, Omar Omar was stuck in Jordan. He made a new life in the U.S. and sent back money to help his family. Now when he returns to the West Bank, where he was born, he sees it as an outsider.

Saturday's nationwide "March Against Sharia," sponsored by a group known for aggressively criticizing Islam, has in recent days become a rallying cause for right-wing extremists.




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