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President Trump is arguing that Brett Kavanaugh should be treated as innocent until proven guilty, but with the Central Park Five and some political opponents Trump has disregarded due process.

Is geography destiny? It goes against the core idea of the American dream, but a new online data tool says where you were born and raised actually makes a huge difference — down to the very block.

We all know the downsides of being poor. But what about the downsides of being rich? This week, we explore the psychology of scarcity...and excess.

Under President Xi Jinping, China has devoted massive resources to burnish its global image and focus overwhelming media attention on its leader. Now, "Xi Jinping is the message," observes one expert.

Once Russia's cheating was exposed, the Justice Department says, the embarrassed country "fought back by retaliating against the truth tellers, and against the truth itself."

After Kavanaugh called attacks on him "a calculated and orchestrated political hit," the advertising war escalated.

This year, 12 women veterans are nominees for the House. Many are highlighting not only their military service, but their experiences as mothers.

China's leaders try to muzzle free expression beyond their borders, inside liberal democracies, when speech contradicts the Communist Party line on issues like the status of Tibet and Taiwan.

Beijing wants to up its manufacturing game to make high-end technology — so it has gone on a buying spree, acquiring key German tech firms.

Scientists have detected plenty of planets outside our solar system. Now, they say, they've found the first moon circling one of them.




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