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As the path of Hurricane Irma shifts westward, Fort Myers is bracing for a hit. NPR's Scott Simon talks with John Davis of member station WGCU in Fort Myers, Fla.

President Trump's nominee for chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture is drawing scrutiny and skepticism in part because the nominee doesn't have a scientific background.

NPR's Scott Simon talks with reporter Jorge Valencia of KJZZ's Mexico City bureau about the aftermath of the 8.1 magnitude that struck southern Mexico this week.

Hurricane Irma has shifted its path — NPR's Scott Simon talks to Mayor Bill Barnett of Naples, Fla., about the threat to his city as the storm heads west.

The software of major airlines monitor supply and demand, then lower or raise prices accordingly — within seconds. That can lead to some exorbitant prices, NPR's Scott Simon says.

About a quarter of a million DREAMers — immigrants who were illegally brought to the U.S. as children — are enrolled in college. But the program that has allowed them to go to school is ending.

As Irma heads into Florida, a lot of people are hitting the highways to evacuate, and even those staying behind are topping off their tanks to make sure they don't run out.

JR, a French street artist, hasn't answered that question — and that's the point. His massive artwork on the border, which coincided with the decision to rescind DACA, is the "start of a discussion."

Opioid painkillers prescribed by dentists have helped fuel the nation's addiction epidemic. Dental schools are teaching the next generation of dentists that there are other ways to treat pain.

Since 2010, Nashville has bought 261 flooded homes and hopes to acquire 90 more. The city offers homeowners fair market value, then demolishes the houses and returns the land to a more natural state.




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