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Carfentanil, a powerful opioid used to sedate elephants, is being blamed for a record spike in drug overdoses in the Midwest. It's much stronger, and riskier, than heroin or fentanyl.

The Brazilian actor gained 40 pounds for his role as the notorious drug kingpin. He says getting back in shape "wasn't only about losing weight, but getting rid of that character."

After the device launched in early August, dozens of users reported that their waterproof smartphones caught fire or exploded. Samsung traced the problem to its battery and promises replacements.

Peaceful and relatively prosperous, Costa Rica hasn't traditionally been a crossroads for migrants. But they have been descending on the country in growing numbers, straining resources.

A beverage created in the laboratory now has a better-for-you organic version. But nutrition experts point out, this sports drink is still loaded with sugar and calories.

A year ago we met nine students from Maryland who made three different choices about college: community, public and elite private. Today we talk with them again as they reflect on those decisions.

China has been creating artificial islands out of reefs in the South China Sea. Environmentalists say the process is killing off coral and giant clams.

The film's themes reflect the strains of modern Korea: distrust of government and institutions, disdain for corporate leaders and a sense everyone's in it for themselves.

Smithsonian curators shipped some 100 pounds of souvenirs from the Republican and Democratic conventions — "great objects that engage issues for 2016" — back to the American history museum.

Los Angeles County sheriff deputies shot unarmed people in cars at least eight times between 2010 and 2014 because they said they feared being run over, an investigation by member station KPCC found.




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