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It may be hard to enjoy a Georgia peach, if you don't live in the state. A warm winter, followed by a March freeze wiped out most of this year's crop, and what's left may not leave the state.

At the lone hospital in Hugo, a country town, staff members know most of the patients — they are friends and family. But cuts in the GOP health bill could threaten this cherished institution.

Current law requires all health insurance sold on the exchanges to cover 10 essential benefits — with no annual or lifetime limits to reimbursement. But the GOP plan might let states reinstate limits.

Dr. Joshua Sharfstein says worry less about the short-term withdrawal symptoms of babies exposed to opioids in the womb, and much more about the lives and mothers they go home to.

Many Americans believe that convictions of law enforcement officers for shooting someone while on duty are too rare. But experts say jurors are hesitant to convict cops for making mistakes on the job.

As China celebrates the 20th anniversary of Great Britain's handover of Hong Kong to Chinese control, it can celebrate another type of takeover: the city's financial sector.

The state has nearly $15 billion in unpaid bills due to a standoff between Republicans and Democrats. The most vulnerable people in Illinois are feeling the pain of the standoff.

Appealing to the public is Democrats' only card to play as Senate Republicans try to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act — since Democrats don't have the votes to stop the bill.

Say you're headed to an outdoor cookout or barbecue or a family reunion but you don't want to show up empty-handed. What do you bring? Chefs Edward Lee, Amy Thielen and James Rigato offer suggestions.

West Virginia has the highest drug overdose death rate in the country. New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot interviewed addicts, their families and health professionals to understand why.




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