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In honor of Labor Day weekend, we spotlighted the work of the late author Studs Terkel, who spent the early 1970s talking to people about their jobs for his collection of oral histories titled Working.

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Louisiana State University professor Joy Osofsky to better understand the grief and trauma victims experience after a natural disaster.

North Korea has claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb, which is far more powerful than an atomic bomb. Experts think they may have pulled it off.

The tiny city of Orange, Texas, has been swamped by Harvey's floodwaters. Volunteers and local merchants have joined forces to help get flood victims what they need to survive.

In its sixth nuclear test, North Korea said it was "successful" in loading a hydrogen bomb onto an intercontinental ballistic missile. President Trump is set to meet with his national security team.

In some Lebanese towns, Syrian refugees now outnumber Lebanese. And harassment against them is picking up — as is political rhetoric against them.

After Hurricane Katrina, 20,000 people faced difficulty getting government aid to rebuild, because they couldn't prove they owned their homes. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with University of Texas Law Professor Heather Way about how the same thing could happen after Hurricane Harvey.

With streets mostly dry and shelters closing, people displaced by Harvey are returning home. Now, residents are focused on whether their homes are habitable, and many are worried about paying rent and mortgages.

NPR reporters have been going home to see how their hometowns have changed. NPR's Richard Gonzales returns to Richmond, Calif., a blue collar city east of San Francisco seeing an exodus of African-Americans and the emergence of a new Latino community.

Each year, the International Rescue Committee holds a summer school program for newly-arrived refugee kids. This year's session in Seattle includes 36 students from Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan.




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