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The GOES-R satellite is scheduled to enter orbit Saturday. It'll sit 22,000 miles above the Americas, monitoring weather on the planet — and in space.

Trump's first meeting with a foreign leader, Japan's Shinzo Abe, comes during a week when he's been taking calls from leaders around the world — but hasn't asked for input from the State Department.

Bloomberg's Joshua Green discusses Bannon's work in the far right wing of the Republican party. Trump's chief strategist, Green says, was "one of the major figures" in Clinton's defeat.

The Facebook chief has an army of subcontractors making editorial judgments about millions of pieces of content — like a media company. But the rules they operate by are complex and contradictory.

More people struggle with alcohol or drugs than have cancer, and 1 in 5 Americans binge drink. It all costs the nation $420 billion a year. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy says we know how to help.

In Eastern North Carolina, threats have increased at schools and businesses since the presidential election. That's left some in the community struggling with how to address it.

We're about to find out whether Donald Trump governs as a populist champion or as a more traditional Republican when it comes to the economy — or a new mix of both.

The two tribes on the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming are experiencing a population boom, but the amount of housing hasn't increased leading to severe overcrowding.

The history of New York's Bellevue hospital is also the history of medicine in the United States. From the days before doctors believed in germs through AIDS, the hospital led the way in innovation.

The National Organic Standards Board this week plans to decide whether hydroponically grown foods, a water-based model of cultivation, can be sold under the label "certified organic."




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