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For three seasons, fans have flocked to Hulu for East Los High. The teen soap follows its characters through the tumult of adolescence and uses a secret weapon to deliver life lessons along the way.

A lot of people think doctors are being way too absolutist about moderate drinking in pregnancy. But the doctors say since there's no way to know what's safe, it's not worth the risk.

As resale prices drop, the emissions cheating scandal is costing customers who want to sell their Volkswagen diesels. "I think it's a tainted product now," says analyst Dave Galvin.

In 1893, a German scientist made a striking discovery: Cells from a fetus hide out in a mother's body after birth. Scientists say these cells alter the risk of breast cancer and autoimmune diseases.

There are no federal laws in this country that prohibit undocumented students from enrolling in college. But few can afford it. Now, one online college is offering them an option.

The people of Haiti are casting votes for president in the first round of elections for a new leader, as well as a host of other nationwide positions. Reporter Peter Granitz details the scene.

While European leaders hold a summit to discuss the tens of thousands of migrants and refugees streaming into the continent, many migrants remain stranded on the border between Slovenia and Austria.

After restaurateur Danny Meyer said he's phasing out tipping at his establishments, others are asking: Is it time to get rid of tipping? One food writer weighs in.

There have been more than 50 school shootings this year. Two people who train teachers to reach out to children at risk for committing violence share what's worked and what precautions they've taken.

The Unicode Consortium decides which emojis live or die. As they prepare to release the next batch of emojis, we ask the emoji gatekeeper's president about the approval process.




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