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Opera Huntsville cast members and director stopped by for a chat about "A Little Night Music"
Representing The Sundial Writers Corner on the Arts Out Loud Stage this year at the Panoply Arts Festival: Rose Battle, Susan Guthrie, and Alex Moore. Panoply is the Southeast’s premier arts weekend, where Huntsville’s innovative spark shines through a festival of art, music, and more!
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  • During his lifetime, Antonio Salieri was very popular composer and had extensive influence in the world of opera. In fact, he wrote operas in three languages. But after his death, his works became obscure—only to receive modern attention as the result of the play and movie about Mozart called Amadeus. In the movie, Salieri is depicted as a villain, but best evidence indicates that the two composers were at least civil to each other, if not actual friends or amicable acquaintances. This edition of Brass, Reeds, and Percussion opens with a parade march written by Antonio Salieri for harmoniemusik, the German word used for the wind band from roughly 1775 to 1825.
  • In this episode of The Update, we'll review the biggest stories from north Alabama and the Alabama Statehouse, and prep you for a weekend full of events and music. Drop Diver is our featured artist.
  • Catch up on the week's biggest stories about people, places, events and activities happening in Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley.
  • Brass, Reeds, and Percussion always features a variety of music from different periods and of different styles. This edition is no different. It begins with a march by a circus-band composer and includes music from the movies, a jolly song written Lil Hardin Armstrong (Louis Armstrong's second wife), Parez Prado's last big hit from 1968, and a transcription of music by the Romantic composer Jules Massenet. It concludes with original classical wind-band music composed by one of Beethoven's chief rivals during the height of his popularity: Franz Krommer.