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Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2020 by WLRH News

In this episode, Theatre Huntsville presents two 'Stories by Ghost Light,' a traditional Scottish tale about lost love found and a story about a collision that was too close for comfort from conductors and producers for the Oakwood University choir, the Aeolians.

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We return to our treasure trove of master Storyteller Kathryn Windham Tucker to hear her impressions of October.

We spotlight music from Huntsville Hip Hop artist QBall. We’ll also hear a collaboration from Torq and Jovani Occomy, and tunes from Phoebe Jones, AATXE, Silver Fern, Angry Native, Mother’s Keeper, AM Brown, Rob Aldridge & the Proponents, Liquid Caravan and Preston Watts.

Jason Max Ferdinand and Steven Murphy of The Aeolians talk about the group and their Grammy nominated self titled CD.

HSO Principal Trumpet Chris Coletti has produced "Quiet City--A Reverie for New York in the time of Covid 19".

In this episode, simplifying language for 6 new AL amendments, HPD Capt. DeWayne McCarver & the importance of communication in a new installment of 'The Hard Part,' look toward the future & the Singing River Trail, and geek out with the Huntsville Science Festival.

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Sean Connery, pictured in Amsterdam during the 1971 filming of <em>Diamonds Are Forever</em>, played James Bond in seven movies.

The Oscar-winning film star with the distinctive Scottish brogue eventually outgrew the 007 role to appear in many different movies in a career that spanned nearly a half-century.

Affordable, quality child care was hard to come by even before the pandemic and now even more so. It's not for a lack of ideas about how to fix it. Is this the moment those ideas are taken seriously?

Writer Ram V takes on a classic music-biz myth in his new graphic novel: The devilish crossroads deal. But it's illustrator Anand RK's loose, jazzy, clever art that really makes this book sing.

Demonstrators hold placards reading "BLACK LIVES MATTER," "Walter Wallace JR." and DEFUND PPD" as they gather in protest near the location where Wallace, a 27-year-old Black man, was killed by two police officers in Philadelphia. Police officers said he was armed with a knife.

Months of protests over police brutality has brought some change, but major reform has so far eluded many communities.

Researchers have observed that the friendliest male bonobos, like this male resident of Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, tend to be the most successful. Early humans may have had the same experience with their peers.

Duke anthropologist Brian Hare argues that humans evolved in a way that left us more cooperative and friendlier than our now extinct human cousins, like Neanderthals and Denisovans.



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