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Katy Ganaway

Katy Ganaway

Host of All Things Considered / Morning Edition & Arts Underground

Welcome to the absolutely, 100% true bio of your local host for All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Arts Underground- Katy Ganaway! In addition to being a death metal singer (yeah, right)/acrobat (sure, Jan)/radio host (actually, that's true) on the WLRH airwaves, you've seen some of her work behind-the-scenes, managing our community calendar and social media-ing it up on the interwebs. The conversations in which she engages and feature stories she creates focus on the human experience, whether it be related to health, history, education or something whimsical and, well, "out there."

Now for the REAL fun deets... Katy graduated in 2014 from Troy University with her Bachelor's degree in Journalism, and a minor in Public Relations. She previously worked for Troy Public Radio, the university's public radio station, where she began to hone her craft and ate plenty of breakfast burritos hosting Weekend Edition and Weekend All Things Considered. She also worked in commercial radio prior to that for a few years, and prior to *that,* she graduated from Bob Jones High School... Phew! What a whirlwind!

Her goal is to give a major platform to the voices of the members of our community who are doing wonderful things and giving back, whether that be spotlighting the incredibly talented individuals in Huntsville's local comedy scene, or presenting to our listeners a gamut of perspectives on racial justice matters in our community.

Now you know Katy a little better. Thanks for taking the time, folks!

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