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Arts Underground - Behind Our Local Music Scene - Gee Kay

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AU - Gee Kay

In this installment of Behind Our Local Music Scene, we meet Gee Kay, owner of Salix Black Booking. She shares her experience growing up in Decatur's local music scene and how that has inspired her to work to revive that scene to what it was in her youth. Gee Kay also tells us about the importance of more all ages venues opening up in Decatur and how much it really means to show up to a local band's gig. Through Salix, Gee Kay books local bands at various venues in Decatur, and she works with Ashleigh Jackson in the organization of the annual local music festival in Huntsville, Sluicefest.

You can learn more about Salix Black Booking at: www.facebook.com/salixblackbooking/