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Arts Underground - Tamarii O Ra'i Polynesian Dance Studio

In 2020, Cielo Starostanko used the motivation of her fond memories of performing and teaching Polynesian dance with her mother to open her own studio, Tamarii O Ra'i, in Madison.

Starostanko's studio is home to a tight-knit group of beautiful, talented ladies, (or "mau vahine,") who meet weekly to pay homage to Polynesian styles of dance, (or "ori,") like Hawaiian, Tahitian and Haka Poi.

Sheryl, Jacquiline, Tess, Maria ("Bing",) and Gayleen all come from different dance backgrounds, with years of experience and multiple awards under their belts.

This episode, (recorded in May 2023,) you'll hear them rehearse with their implements (objects played to enhance the music,) and meet Cielo and one of the dancers.

Cielo also provided us with a few songs from her Polynesian dance playlist that we aired- along with some other Polynesian music picks chosen by the host, Katy Ganaway- live during this show on July 1, 2023.

Find out more about the Tamarii O Ra'i studio here.