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Arts Underground - Brad Posey - 'Stray Gods' Art Exhibit

This episode of Arts Underground... Since 2016, Brad’s been creating neo-expressionist art that belts out a dissonant jazz tune all of its own… His signature mixed media style, using natural elements, magazine clippings and more can be viewed and appreciated at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment now through March 30th. (That day, you can meet the artist himself at Lowe Mill, by the way!)

In this chat, Katy Ganaway talks with Brad about how music and art coexist in his life, getting more serious about creating art, his love for Jean-Michel Basquiat, how seemingly mundane corporate decor has sparked artistic inspiration for his work and more.

Info. about Brad's exhibit, 'Stray Gods'

Info. about Brad's show on WLRH, The Invisible City

Info. about & schedule for Open Studio Night at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment