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Brass, Reeds, and Percussion: August 5, 2023

In the 1950s, the cha cha became a world-wide favorite dance. In 1960, Enoch Light and His Light Brigade recorded an an album of popular standard songs arranged as cha chas. The year 1960 coincides with the big marketing push to sell new stereophonic recordings, radios, and record players, as they were then still called. Big-band leader Enoch Light and His Light Brigade led the charge in demonstrating this new technology. So when you hear today’s opening recording, don’t think something has gone wrong when you hear music from one speaker but not the other. The recording is designed to demonstrate stereo separation and to get you dancing.

  1. Enjoy Yourself Cha Cha (1949)
    Composer:  Carl Sigman (music, 1909-2000) & Herb Magidson (lyrics, 1906-1986)
    Performer:  Enoch Light & the Light Brigade
    Album:  Pertinent Percussion Cha Chas
  2. La Cinquantaine (Golden Wedding)
    Composer:  Gabriel Marie (1858-1922) arranged by Trevor Ford
    Performer:  Royal Belgian Navy Band
    Album:  Spanish Trilogy
  3. Dr. Jazz (1926 original recording)
    Composer:  King Oliver (1881-1938)
    Performer:  Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers
    Album:  New Orleans (Robert Parker's jazz Classics)
  4. Sweet Lovin' Man (1923 origional recording)
    Composer:  Lil Hardin (music, 1898-1971) & Walter Melrose (lyrics, 1889-1973)
    Performer:  King Oliver's Jazz Band
    Album:  New Orleans (Robert Parker's jazz Classics)
  5. South
    Composer:  Harry South (1919-1990)
    Performer:  Coleman Hawkins & Red Allen
    Album:  Standards and Warhorses
  6. Autumn Dream
    Composer:  Archibald Joyce (1873-1963)
    Performer:  U.S. Coast Guard Band
    Album:  Russian Connection
  7. Frenkel a la Frenkel
    Composer:  Ian Abramovich Frenkel (1920-1989) arranged by Ian Frenkel (1970- )
    Performer:  U.S. Coast Guard Band
    Album:  Russian Connection
  8. Overture in C
    Composer:  Charles-Simon Catel  (1773-1830)
    Performer:  Principal French Army Band
    Album:  La Musique Principale de l'Armee de Terre en Concert
  9. National Anthem of Turkey
    Composer:  Osman Zeki Ungor  (1880-1958)
    Performer:  Band of the Republican Guard
    Album:  European National Anthems
Born in Natchez, Mississippi, in 1951, John moved to Huntsville in 1975, where he worked for a communications training firm. From 1997 to 2022, John worked for the Lanier Ford law firm. During his tenure, He served as Lanier Ford's law librarian, marketing specialist, trainer, and professional recruiter. While in college and law school, John worked in professional radio in Starkville and Oxford, Mississippi.