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Valley Sounds show 279

Valley Sounds is a weekly spotlight on original music created and performed Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley.

The explosion of original music coming out of Huntsville continues. On the next Valley Sounds (#279), we hear music from three new records by Tiger Helicide, Tim Tucker and Free Candy. We’ll also start previewing bands playing Microwave Dave Day, Huntsville’s best local music festival, with tracks from The N.E.I.G.H.B.O.R.S., Carver Commodore and Robby Eichman. Tune in Valley Sounds on 89.3 HD1 Huntsville every Saturday at 9pm, and on 88.1 WUTC Chattanooga every Sunday at 9pm. Or explore hundreds of hours of original Tennessee Valley music in our free podcast archive and on our mobile app.