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Posted Tuesday, August 20, 2019 by WLRH News

Tim Miller chats with Cody Global about the Hip Hop Tech event Oct 17th. JQUE spins local favs from #Chillcity, Tiffany Nicole Feigan, Dexter Lucious, Frenchie P, and Ahmand Jamal. And Jovanni Occomy has tunes from groups performing around town including: April Pendergrass, Eric Rodgers, Ally Free, and the Kris Bell Band.

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Susanna Phillips and Matt McDonald stopped by to tell us about the 10 concerts of TwickenhamFest!

Johanna Kirsch Wilson revels in having books right close at hand.

Huntsville-based singer/songwriter Remy Neal visited the studio to talk about his upcoming work and how one incident with a theiving roommate in NYC instigated his musical career.

Tim Miller brings us tunes from groups performing at a special Veteran’s benefit at the Princess Theater. Jquenow chats with Gloria and Canita from 318 Productions, and Jeremy Michael Durm spins some local favs.

This episode of The Public Radio Hour feature part 1 of 2 special podcasts from Planet Money on recycling, a visit with musician DeQn Sue, a chat with Sally Warden about upcoming Bicentennial events and the final installment of a three part series exploring challenges faced by Huntsville's theater community ...

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Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross speaking during a news conference in Philadelphia on July 18. He abruptly resigned Tuesday.

An aide to Philadelphia's mayor said Ross failed to act on allegations of sexual, racial and gender harassment and discrimination in his department.

Octavio Dotel, then a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, seen during a 2007 game. Dominican Republic authorities arrested the former MLB player, saying both he and ex-infielder Luis Castillo were linked with an alleged drug trafficker.

The Dominican attorney general said Tuesday that the former professional baseball players supported a drug running and money laundering network led by César Emilio Peralta.

Pathologist Robert Levy was fired from an Arkansas veterans hospital after officials said he had been impaired while on duty.

A former pathologist was under scrutiny after being found drunk on the job. A review of his work found more than 3,000 misdiagnoses of patients.

Trash sent for recycling moves along a conveyor belt to be sorted at Waste Management's material recovery facility in Elkridge, Md. In 2018, China announced it would no longer buy most plastic waste from places like the United States.

China is no longer taking the world's waste. The U.S. recycling industry is overwhelmed — it can't keep up with the plastic being churned out. This doesn't bode well for our plastic waste problem.

The exterior of the condo building at 165 Henry St. in Manhattan's Lower East Side hints at the split-level apartments inside, as air conditioners (upper left) are positioned at both the upper and lower windows of the top two floors.

"The ceiling heights were 4.5 feet to 6 feet tall on each level, depending on where you were standing," says a spokesperson for the New York City Department of Buildings.



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