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Day Sponsorships

Is there a special day, person, or anniversary that you would like for us to acknowledge on air? Or do you just want to know that one day during the year thousands of listeners just like you are enjoying WLRH because of your support?

If so, become a day sponsor! Simply select your package below, and provide us your dates and the personalized message you would like our hosts to read 6 times in one day.

When can I hear my Day Sponsorship message?

Day Sponsorships are read twice during Morning Edition, twice During Morning Blend, and twice during All Things Considered.

Can I use a Day Sponsorship to promote my business or event?

Day sponsorships cannot be used for promotions of any kind. If you'd like to promote a business, please contact Underwriting Manager Elaine Oakes.

If you are promoting a non-profit or community event you may be eligible for our PSA program. Find more information about PSAs here.

How long can my message be?

Day Sponsorships should be no more than 15 seconds long. 15 seconds works out to be about to be around 35 words.

What makes a good message?

Avoid inside jokes. Keep your message simple, straightforward, and to the point

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. We can’t read any religious or political messages, and we won’t read anything that violates our community standards. We will always work with you to make sure your message is compliant.

Any other questions about Day Sponsorships?

Send us a message!

To get started, select one of the following:

1 Day Sponsorship$200
2 Day Sponsorship$350
3 Day Sponsorship$500