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Funny You Should Ask - Kimberly Wilson - Shenanigans Expansion & 'The 300'

On this installment of Funny You Should Ask, we welcome back Shenanigans Comedy Theatre owner Kimberly Wilson.

Shenanigans- a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Huntsville- is set to undergo a HUGE expansion, offering plenty of new community resources, educational and performance spaces, and more! Kimberly, and Jessica Cotton- her wife and Shenanigans co-owner- have always worked to provide a safe, constructive space that encourages individuality and allows folks to educate or entertain.

With that boom on the horizon, Kimberly tells us all about how those resources will serve our community and how we can chip in our support, to help cover the cost. The campaign is called, 'The 300.'

Learn more in this interview, as well as on their social media, and their website... https://www.huntsvillelaughs.com/