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Funny You Should Ask - Amy Mahoney

This episode, we welcome Amy Mahoney on for another installment of our series, Funny You Should Ask. If you've attended a Rocket City Improv or Fantastic Invaders show at Shenanigans Comedy Theatre,and you heard piano music playing underneath each scene, that's Amy! She's got an impressive ear and quick timing to match the mood of a scene and accentuate the funny being created on stage. We talk with her about her musical background, her world travels and more!

This aired Saturday, June 8 at 2 PM on 89.3 FM/HD-1.

Funny You Should Ask is a series where we hear from comedians in the TN Valley, getting to know their style, hear funny stories from the stage and other intriguing aspects of their lives.

Click here to find this episode's music playlist, & hear more episodes of Funny You Should Ask, and other series and past interviews, on Arts Underground: https://www.wlrh.org/podcast/arts-underground