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Champions of Local Music Remember Tip Top Café

Huntsville's Tip Top Cafe Remembered on 89.3's Arts Underground
Katy Ganaway
Huntsville's Tip Top Cafe Remembered on 89.3's Arts Underground

This episode of Arts Underground remembers Huntsville's Tip Top Cafe through the stories of local musicians and community members. Guest include longtime Huntsville residents Caroline Prince, Michael Kilpatrick, Mark Torstenson, Kip Shepherd and John Owens, all reminiscing on the Tip Top Café- a diner and dive bar that served as a music venue in the 80s and 90s for a variety of eclectic bands, both local and passing through. According to the new owner of the Tip Top, construction is underway, and should be open once again in 2023!

The audio you'll hear on this page features a collection of stories recorded for this episode. The live airing of this episode featured music from bands who played and recorded sets at the Tip Top Café, and you'll find a playlist of those songs on the Arts Underground page.

With the help of folks who frequented the Tip Top, Kip has compiled and published a list of 534 bands and musicians who played there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/117961945354/

Thanks to Alabama Sharp for the music played underneath the promo for this episode, Monster Dog's "My Church."

and check out WLRH's social media for pics related to the Tip Top, including a spectacular shot of everyone's favorite doorman, Lanny, sitting festively in a Santa hat!

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