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Brass, Reeds, and Percussion: October 7, 2023

John Dowland lived from 1563 to 1626 and was an English Renaissance composer, lutenist, and singer. Some sources say he was born in London, England; others, in Dublin, Ireland. In his younger days, he worked in Paris for English diplomat. Later in life, he worked for the king of Denmark and the king of England. In 1604, he published a series of dances. The slow dances were called tears, as in a “tear” from crying. Truth be told, he was a specialist in writing morose music. But sometimes, morose music is what we want to hear. Today's edition of Brass, Reeds, and Percussion opens with the Signum Saxophone Quartet performing “Lachimae Antiquae” (Ancient Tear), one of Dowland’s most famous compositions.

  1. Lachimae Antiquae (1604)
    Composer:  John Dowland (1563-1626)
    Performer:  Signum Saxophone Quartet
    Album:  Echoes
  2. Falcon of Egypt
    Composer:  Rossano Galante (1967- )
    Performer:  Ad Hoc Wind Orchestra
    Album:  Falcon of Egypt
  3. Phoenix Ascending
    Composer:  Rossano Galante (1967- )
    Performer:  Royal Symphonic Band of Belgian Guides
    Album:  Phoenix Ascending
  4. Hounds of Spring
    Composer:  Alfred Reed (1921-2005 )
    Performer:  Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
    Album:  Wind Master Overtures, Vol. 1
  5. Belle of the Ball
    Composer:  Leroy Anderson (1908-1975)
    Performer:  Keystone Wind Ensemble
    Album:  Leroy Anderson: Phantom Regiment and Other Tales
  6. Basin Street Blues
    Composer:  Spencer Williams (1889-1965)
    Performer:  Louis Armstrong & the All Stars
    Album:  Sound Track from "Glenn Miller Story"
  7. Feast Day in Seville
    Composer:  Isaac Albeniz (1860-1909)
    Performer:  Dallas Wind Symphony
    Album:  Trittico
  8. Allemande
    Composer:  Peter Gregson (1987- ), after J.S. Bach
    Performer:  Signum Saxophone Quartet
    Album:  Echoes
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